Vote Singh in 32nd

The City Council’s 32nd District includes the Rockaways, Broad Channel, Howard Beach, Ozone Park, Richmond Hill, South Ozone Park, and Woodhaven.
Our paper believes that Felicia Singh is the candidate in the Democratic Primary best equipped to deal with the issues facing all parts of this expansive and diverse district.
Her plan to improve upon the area’s climate resiliency is incredibly robust and stood out compared to other people running in this race. Singh’s experience as an educator is also notable.
Her perspective gave us the impression that she could do a lot of work addressing some of the district’s underlying inequality by desegregating schools and supporting multilingual learners. Also, we believe Singh’s commitment to fixing the district’s lack of public transportation options is spot on and would be a huge benefit to the community.
We are confident that no family will go overlooked with Singh leading the district. She’s lived in Ozone Park her entire life and is clearly dedicated to improving the district in a way that will benefit all of its constituents. Singh also knows the Rockaways, and her plans to create equity was the driving force behind our endorsement.

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