Personal Injury That Pertains To NY State Law

Personal injury is a legal term that describes a physical or emotional injury. A personal injury lawsuit seeks to hold another person, company, or entity responsible for your injury. Personal injury doesn’t include property damage. However, many lawsuits also demand compensation for property damage arising from the same incident that caused you harm.

The area of law governing personal injury claims is known as tort law.

Negligence is a major concept in the law. Negligence basically means someone was careless and caused another person harm. It does not mean someone intentionally hurt another person.

Personal injury claims are typically based on the allegation that the other person was negligent. To be negligent means a person failed to uphold their duty to act as a reasonable and prudent person. Their failure to act carefully then caused an accident, which resulted in another person getting hurt. In some cases, you might claim the other person was grossly negligent, which is more significant bad behavior. Gross negligence is like recklessness.

There are two types of parties in personal injury lawsuits: plaintiffs and defendants.

Plaintiffs are the injured parties and their loved ones. They try to hold the defendants liable for their damages. They are responsible for proving the defendants are responsible. In other words, they have the burden of proof. There can be one or many plaintiffs. When there are dozens, hundreds, or thousands of plaintiffs, it might be a class action or mass tort claim. During a class action, all of the plaintiffs are certified as a class and represented in one lawsuit. But in a mass tort, each plaintiff brings their own lawsuit, though they often share knowledge and resources.

The defendants are the people who allegedly caused the plaintiffs’ harm. There can be one or many defendants. Defendants can put up a defense on their own or with the help of lawyers. They are not required to prove they did not cause the accident. However, defendants benefit from providing evidence that supports their lack of liability and creates doubt.

Section 5104(a) of the New York Insurance law provides that a plaintiff must prove that he or she has either incurred a “basic economic loss” of more than $50,000.00, or has suffered a “Serious Injury” as defined within Section 5102(d), to have a viable personal injury lawsuit arising out of a car accident. Section 5102(d) provides that the following types of injuries qualify as “Serious Injuries”: (i) Death, (ii) dismemberment, (iii) significant disfigurement, (iv) a fracture, (v) loss of a fetus, (vi) the permanent loss of use of a body organ, member, function or system, (vii) a permanent consequential limitation of a body organ or member, (viii) a significant limitation of the use of a body function or system, or (ix) a non-permanent medically-determined injury or impairment that prevents an injured person from performing substantially all of their usual and customary daily activities for not less than 90 of the 180 consecutive days immediately following an accident.

Gender Reveal Ultrasound Parties: Separating Fact From Fiction

Gender reveal parties have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Expectant parents often organize these events to share the sex of their baby with family and friends. These celebrations typically involve cutting into a cake, popping a balloon or setting off fireworks, with the color pink or blue indicating the baby’s sex. While gender reveal parties are a fun and exciting way to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby, there has been some controversy around the scientific accuracy of these parties. In this article, we will explore the science behind gender reveal parties and separate fact from fiction.

The Science Behind Gender Determination

The sex of a baby is determined at the moment of conception by the combination of the father’s sperm and the mother’s egg. The father’s sperm carries either an X or Y chromosome, while the mother’s egg always carries an X chromosome. If the sperm carrying an X chromosome fertilizes the egg, the resulting zygote will have two X chromosomes and will develop into a female fetus. If the sperm carrying a Y chromosome fertilizes the egg, the resulting zygote will have one X and one Y chromosome and will develop into a male fetus. The accuracy of gender reveal parties depends on the technology used to determine the sex of the baby. Ultrasound is the most common method used to determine fetal sex during pregnancy. An ultrasound technician can usually identify the sex of the fetus with a high degree of accuracy starting around 18-20 weeks gestation.

Separating Fact from Fiction

While gender reveal parties have been criticized for their reinforcement of gender stereotypes and exclusion of non-binary individuals, the science behind these celebrations is generally accurate. 3D-4D Ultrasound technology has made it possible to determine the sex of a fetus with a high degree of accuracy, and genetic testing and amniocentesis can provide even more accurate results.

However, it is essential to remember that gender and sex are not always binary, and individuals should be allowed to express themselves in ways that align with their gender identity, regardless of their biological sex.


In conclusion, gender reveal parties are a fun way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby. However, it is important to remember that gender is a social construct and that the sex of the baby does not necessarily determine their gender identity. Additionally, gender reveal parties can unintentionally reinforce harmful gender stereotypes and should be approached with sensitivity and care. Finally, it is crucial to remember that safety should always come first. Gender reveal parties do not have to be extravagant or dangerous. There are many safe and simple ways to reveal the sex of the baby that can still be enjoyable for all involved. By keeping these factors in mind, we can ensure that gender reveal parties remain a fun and safe way to celebrate the joy of new life.

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Status Of Mortgage Brokers Market In Queens, NY

Queens is a borough of New York City with a population of over 2.3 million people, making it the second most populous borough after Brooklyn. The real estate market in Queens is constantly growing, with new properties being developed and sold every year. If you’re in the market for a mortgage in Queens, it’s important to understand the role of mortgage brokers and the current state of the mortgage broker market in the area.

Advantages Of Using A Mortgage Broker 

  • Mortgage brokers act as intermediaries between borrowers and lenders, helping to secure the best possible mortgage terms and interest rates for their clients. In Queens, mortgage brokers are an integral part of the real estate market, helping thousands of borrowers each year to get mortgages for their new homes.
  • One of the main advantages of using a mortgage broker in Queens is that they have access to a wide range of lenders, including both traditional banks and alternative lenders. This gives borrowers more options when it comes to choosing a mortgage, as well as access to competitive interest rates and terms.
  • Another advantage of working with a mortgage broker in Queens is that they can help borrowers navigate the complex mortgage application process. From gathering documentation to submitting the application and following up with the lender, a mortgage broker can guide borrowers every step of the way and help to ensure a smooth and successful mortgage application.

The mortgage broker market in Queens is highly competitive, with many different brokers and brokerage firms vying for clients. As a result, borrowers have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing a mortgage broker, and it’s important to do your research and choose a broker with experience and a track record of success. One way to find a reputable mortgage broker in Queens is to ask for referrals from friends, family, or your real estate agent. You can also check online reviews and ratings, as well as professional associations and certifications, to ensure that the broker you choose is qualified and trustworthy.

It’s also important to understand the fees and costs associated with working with a mortgage broker in Queens. This commission is typically a percentage of the loan amount, and can range from 1% to 3% depending on the broker and the lender.

Some mortgage & home financing brokers in Queens may also charge additional fees for their services, such as application fees, processing fees, or document preparation fees. It’s important to review these fees carefully and understand what you’re paying for before you agree to work with a particular broker.


Overall, the mortgage broker market in Queens is a dynamic and competitive industry that plays an important role in the local real estate market. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, working with a reputable mortgage broker can help you to secure the best possible mortgage terms and interest rates, and make the home buying process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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Podiatry 102: Hammertoe Treatments & Surgery Options

Hammertoe is a condition in which one or more toes bend unnaturally at the middle joint, creating a hammer-like appearance. While hammertoe can occur in any toe, it is most commonly seen in the second or third toe. This condition can be painful and limit mobility, making it difficult to walk or wear certain types of shoes. Fortunately, there are several podiatry treatments available for hammertoe that can alleviate pain and improve mobility. In this article, we will explore the causes and symptoms of hammertoe, as well as the different treatment options available to those who suffer from this condition. Ask your local licensed DPM which podiatry treatment is ideal for you.

What Causes Hammertoe?

Hammertoe is often caused by wearing shoes that are too tight or too high, which can force the toes into an unnatural position. In some cases, hammertoe may be caused by genetics or a foot injury that affects the middle joint of the toe. Certain medical conditions, such as arthritis or diabetes, may also increase the risk of developing hammertoe.

Symptoms of Hammertoe

The most common symptom of hammertoe is a toe that appears bent or curled unnaturally. This may cause discomfort or pain when walking or wearing shoes. In some cases, the toe may also become red, swollen, or callused. As the condition progresses, the toe may become rigid and difficult to move, making it harder to perform daily activities.

Treating Hammertoe

There are several different treatment options available for hammertoe, depending on the severity of the condition. In mild cases, simply wearing more comfortable shoes with a wider toe box may be enough to relieve pain and discomfort. Orthotic inserts or pads can also be used to help redistribute pressure and alleviate pain. If the hammertoe is more severe or has progressed over time, more invasive treatments may be necessary. In some cases, a podiatrist may recommend physical therapy or exercises to help strengthen the muscles and tendons in the affected toe. In more severe cases, surgery may be required to correct the position of the toe and alleviate pain.

Surgical Treatment Options

There are several different Hammertoe surgical procedures available for the good of society. The type of surgery recommended will depend on the severity of the condition and the patient’s overall health. One common surgical procedure used to correct hammertoe is called arthroplasty. This involves removing a portion of the affected joint to allow the toe to straighten out. In some cases, a small wire or pin may be inserted to hold the toe in place while it heals.


Hammertoe is a common condition that can cause discomfort, pain, and limit mobility. Fortunately, there are several podiatry treatments available that can alleviate these symptoms and improve quality of life. If you are experiencing hammertoe or other foot-related issues, it is important to consult with a podiatrist to determine the best course of treatment for your individual needs. By working closely with a medical professional, you can find relief from your symptoms and get back to enjoying your daily activities.

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NY Estate Taxes Explained To Our Dear Flushing Readers

It is always an emotional and difficult time when families Lose any of their loved ones. Unfortunately, it can also be a time of confusion and stress when it comes to dealing with the deceased person’s estate taxes. In the state of New York, there are certain rules and regulations that govern estate taxes, and it’s important for families to understand what to expect in order to avoid any surprises or unexpected financial burdens. Of course, a wise person will always consult a reliable Queens estate tax planning lawyer before making any decisions that can be detrimental to their family or estate.

What Are Estate Taxes?

Estate taxes, also known as inheritance taxes, are taxes that are paid on the transfer of property and assets from the deceased person to their heirs. In the state of New York, estate taxes are determined based on the value of the estate at the time of the owner’s death.

NY Estate Tax Exemptions

The state of New York has an estate tax exemption that allows estates with a value below a certain amount to avoid paying estate taxes. As of 2023, the New York estate tax exemption is $5.93 million. If the estate is valued at less than this amount, then no estate tax is owed. However, if the estate is valued above this amount, then estate taxes will be owed on the portion of the estate that exceeds the exemption.

Federal Estate Tax vs NY Estate Tax

It’s important to note that the estate tax in New York is separate from the federal estate tax. While the federal estate tax exemption is $12.06 million in 2023, the New York estate tax exemption is much lower. This means that some estates may be exempt from the federal estate tax, but still owe estate taxes in New York.

NY Estate Tax Rates

The estate tax rate in New York is based on a graduated scale, with rates ranging from 3.06% to 16% depending on the value of the estate. For estates valued at over $10.1 million, the top tax rate of 16% applies. It’s important for families to understand these rates in order to properly plan for the potential tax burden on their inheritance.

How to Plan for Estate Taxes in NY

There are several ways that families can plan for estate taxes in New York. One common strategy is to establish a trust that can help to reduce the value of the estate and minimize the tax burden on heirs. Additionally, families may want to consider working with a financial advisor or estate planning attorney to develop a comprehensive plan that takes into account the specific circumstances of their estate.


Dealing with estate taxes can be a complex and stressful process for families who have lost a loved one. Understanding the rules and regulations that govern estate taxes in New York is essential in order to avoid any unexpected financial burdens. By planning ahead and working with professionals, families can ensure that they are prepared for any potential estate tax liabilities and can focus on honoring the memory of their loved one.

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Time for School Vouchers

The mayor announced the elimination of the Gifted & Talented program, which gives a step up to our most promising students.

This decision by the mayor has been a long time coming, and is a last-ditch, scorched-earth policy before he leaves office that burdens the rest of the education system.

The ever growing gaps in a failing system will get wider. The numbers over the last eight years of the de Blasio administration are abysmal.

Roughly 22 percent of the 1.1 million children in the public school system can pass one of the statewide test in math and English. In the Bronx, there are some schools that have a 4 percent passing rate.

When are the parents of this city going to wake up and demand a proper education for our students?

Your tax dollars fund the school system to a tune of over $32 billion a year and growing.

I am a staunch advocate for private vouchers, which gives parents a choice of where to send their child and not be subject to sending a student to a failing local school.

As of 2021, New York City spends over $27,000 per student. My plan is to give $15,000 vouchers to parents for private school education, redeemable to the city comptroller by the schools.

This would save the city $12,000 per student and drastically reduce classroom sizes, allowing students to get the attention they deserve and actually learn something.

The best part of having a choice in where your child goes to school is that you can shop around and make a decision that is best for you, not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Another benefit to this system is saving any of the voucher not used for tuition for college. Student loan debt is one of the biggest gripes for graduates.

We can hope that better minds prevail in a new administration and our children’s educational future.

Thomas Zmich is the Republican candidate for Queens borough president.

Tallest office building in Brooklyn opens

Last Tuesday morning, 1 Willoughby Square opened its doors in Downtown Brooklyn, officially making it the tallest office building in the borough.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, representatives from JEMB Realty Corporation, and officials from the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) attended a special ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the milestone.

“The opening of 1 Willoughby marks a huge turning point in our recovery,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said during the event. “Over a year ago, as the city shut down to save lives, we could have only dreamed of celebrating the opening of a brand-new office tower.

“We got knocked down but we got back up,” he added. “Here we have positive proof that New York City is open for business. ”

“We are confident that it will add to the growth of Downtown Brooklyn,” said JEMB representative Morris Jerome. “As we are coming out of this pandemic, it is our sincere hope that the tenants of this building will help local small businesses emerge from the pandemic.”

The building is 34 stories and offers approximately 500,000 square feet of office space. The building is the work of architecture firm FXCollaborative, who first proposed the project in 2014. The firm is also moving 100 members of its own workforce into the completed building, making them the property’s first tenants.

The space includes a gym, locker rooms, showers, employee lounge, and private outdoor space for tenants. In the future, the building will include a 332-seat public elementary school on its first six floors.

FXCollaborative’s proposal for 1 Willoughby Square originally included an ambitious underground parking facility and public park space. However, both of these elements were abandoned during construction due to a lack of funding.

Rendering courtesy of FXCollaborative.

Photos by nycmayorsoffice on Flickr.

Bodypainting Day in New York

The eighth annual Bodypainting Day was celebrated in Union Square over the weekend. The event was hosted by Brooklyn artist Andy Golub and his nonprofit Human Connection Arts (HCA), and featured a number of 26 artists painting 45 nude models.

The year’s theme was resilience, as well as a focus on body positivity.

“I think it’s important to show that New York City is getting better,” said Rocket Osborne, a New York City-based architect.

For four hours, models of all shapes and sizes served as human canvasses, as bystanders took photos and video.

After getting painted, the group marched to Washington Square Park for a photo shoot at the iconic arch. The group then took a double-decker bus to an afterparty at HCA in Greenpoint.

Golub is known for his human canvas paintings, often painting numerous models and then arranging them for an even bigger piece of art.

“We painted a whole bunch of people and it’s going to look like an Andy Golub at the end because he’s going to go over with his black lining,” said Tom Sebazco, an Astoria-based artist.


As you’ve no doubt noticed by now, every once in a while here at “BEST OF THE BEST,” we take a look-see around town so as to catch up on some terrific places to take in a sporting event or two. With baseball behind us now, and football front and center, we thought we’d share with you a couple of our recent faves. Here we go again, folks, “BEST PLACES TO CATCH A GAME” – Round Three!

Rego Park


67-63 Woodhaven Blvd

(718) 830-6226

Looking for something with a little bit of old-fashioned home-iness to it? ERN’S PLACE on Woodhaven Boulevard is just such a place, what with its oh-so-charming red and white checked tablecloths and its merry band of regulars. Not only that, but in addition to a number of Monday Night Football beer specials, make sure you get yourself an order of Chef Danny’s delectable wings (especially his Jack Wings). Tender and tasty, they are very much worth the trip, and you should also ask about a couple of their other flavor varieties as well. By the way, a tip of the cap as always to your personable and friendly hosts Ern and Felicia, and to the fact that all year round, the burgers here are just the way we like em, smokey and charred, and juicy and flavorful through and through.



60-02 Woodside Ave

(718) 899-3499

The crowds at one of Woodside’s most well-known watering holes are what watching sports together is all about. At once feisty and friendly, SEAN OG’S has an incredibly loyal following that makes for a rather fun time overall, especially on weekend afternoons or Monday Night Football. But what makes the place really stand out is how long and spacious the bar is, the first thing you notice upon entering. And now that owner Jimmy O’Sullivan’s also got the WOODSIDE CAFÉ’S kitchen attached at the hip next door, you also get to avail yourself of some pretty darn tasty food in the meantime, like one of our absolute favorites, their Woodside Burger.



657 Fairview Ave

(718) 366-3030

Hey, why settle for burgers and wings when you can dig into some Spaetzle and Potato Pancakes and Krainer & Kraut! Did you know, folks, that The Tap Room at GOTTSCHEER HALL hosts a free buffet every football Sunday at 4:00 pm? That’s right. And how ‘bout this, if you show up on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, your first beer is just a dollar so long as you’re ordering food. What can we say, there’s a coziness and an old world charm to GOTTSCHEER HALL that has definitely made it one of our favorite neighborhood bars. (And they’ve even got some terrific local musicians now and again, so make sure you check out from time to time.)

Glen Oaks


265-11 Union Turnpike

(718) 347-4846

Love, love, love the cozy lounge area just around the corner as you enter TAVERN 18, off of bustling Union Turnpike. Even if there were no game on, just to immerse yourself in those dark brown leather chairs for a moment… quite a relaxing way to unwind after a busy day. Anyway, there’s a high-definition television screen up above, and if you’re smart, while you’re sipping your draft beer, you’ll already have ordered some Lobster and Shrimp Spring Rolls – or even better, their Kobe Beef Sliders. TAVERN 18 boasts some top-of-the-list hearty fare, and if the game gets a tad “one-sided,” shall we say, we definitely urge you to slip into the dining room for a steak. (Closed Mondays by the way, sorry.)



37 Greenpoint Avenue

(718) 349-0149

RED STAR BAR is without question one of our new favorite sports bars. For one thing, the place is absolutely huge – two floors even – and still manages to get pretty packed on any given Sunday. With more than a dozen draft beers to go with their dozen or so Vizio flatscreens, what really makes RED STAR BAR’s reputation is the artistry with which Executive Chef John Manzo concocts his fabulous chicken wings. By the way, if we mention the figure of 1000 pounds of chicken a week, that might impress you, no? “Yeah, chickens all across the country are quaking in their cages when they think about RED STAR,” says General Manager Eric Hall with a wry grin. And given that Sundays are all about the pigskin anyway, make sure you complement same with Manzo’s fantastic Pulled Pork Sliders, served with B&B; pickles and cheddar cheese sauce, and easily the best we’ve ever had!

Forest Hills


70-20 Austin Street

(718) 261-8555

Since this seems to be pretty much the year of the New Orleans Saints at this point, what better place to cheer on Drew Brees and company than at MARDI GRAS, an authentic-looking little bistro right on Austin Street where you can definitely “laissez les bon temps roulez.” Beer specials abound here on football Sundays, and the food is both delicious and reasonably priced. Just as they do in The Big Easy, they’ve got a terrific Muffuletta here, but what we can’t help craving whenever we’re in the area is one of their exceptional Po Boys (Fried Catfish or Blackened Chicken especially). Hey, by the way, during the week MARDI GRAS also has a really cool French Quarter Lunch Menu you’ve got to check out – with entrees for as little as $5. Now, how can you beat that?

Got a favorite spot of your own you’d like to share with us? Give us a holler at, and we’ll make sure to publish you in an upcoming edition!


Sure is weird having that early-morning daylight back again, isn’t it? Kind of makes you want to cram even more activity into your already-busy morning (knowing the darkness that lies ahead at the other end of the day). Well, folks, for that you’re going to need energy… which is why you’re hereby advised NOT to skip the most important meal of the day, and one of our personal favorites – breakfast!



69-25 Grand Avenue

(718) 457-2006

Folks, when there’s a line forming at the counter at 5:00 am, that’s got to tell you something, right? Regular readers of these pages already know how fond we are of the considerable charms of the GLENDALE BAKE SHOP. Early weekday mornings, you just might find us sitting there with our Coconut Custard or Walnut Strip, accompanied, of course, by a terrific cup of coffee. But lately, we have fallen for a new taste treat here – their 2 Egg, Pepperoni, Monterey Jack Omelette on a Kaiser Roll. (And you know how much we love melted cheese at “BEST OF THE BEST”!) The tanginess of the pepperoni, the silkiness of the melted cheese, the fluffiness of the Kaiser Roll – what can we say, this is one of the truly scrumptious ways to get us going in the morning, and we’re pretty sure you’ll feel the same way.

Forest Hills/Rego Park/Glendale


89-05 Metropolitan Avenue


Right on the triangle that borders Forest Hills, Rego Park, and Glendale (Cooper Avenue and Metro, to be exact) sits one of the coziest (and cleanest!) places you’re going to find for your morning cup of java and more. While the danish and pastry courtesy of Astoria’s LA GULI are definitely quite promising, what really wins us over every time here are the bargain-priced Bagel Specials they’ve got in the mornings. Our favorite: the Ham, Egg, and Cheese on a Bagel – brought to you fresh in a basket – which costs you just $2.65 and includes a pretty sizable “medium” cup of coffee! No matter what ails us, that kind of bargain always puts a smile on our face. Most of the times we’ve been there, it’s been the lovely Michaela or Leahan who’ve been providing the efficient and friendly service. And if you’re lucky, they’ll be there when you stop in, too.



903 Seneca Avenue

(718) 366-3287

If you’re thinking of RIDGEWOOD EATS as just a diner, then you’ve obviously never been inside. And if you’re thinking of it as merely a coffee shop, well then you just haven’t tried enough of their menu offerings, have you? Folks, what can we say, but this is where Ridgewood eats, and honestly, should they really head anywhere but? Service here is among the very best you’re going to find, and everything is oh-so-reasonably priced. Egg dishes, omelettes, pancakes, French Toast, even the more-than-we-could-handle “Lumberjack Special” (Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon, Ham, Sausage) are all standouts, and among the many reasons owner John Contemto’s seen the place thrive these five years and still going strong. But our favorite thing about the place: the all-American country cottage accoutrements all around you (very soothing as you linger before heading off to work), and that RIDGEWOOD EATS logo on our coffee mug is definitely a nice touch, too!



60-06 Woodside Avenue

(718) 899-3499

I’m sure we’ll get a lot of grief for this – but folks, this is the best Irish Breakfast we have ever had (especially the Black Pudding and the White Pudding!) Not only that, but the WOODSIDE CAFÉ is just so darn attractive. Remember the days when your favorite coffee shop looked clean and tidy, with an emphasis on the kind of fun and eye-catching design that made 50’s and 60’s era diners so popular? Well, in a neighborhood with not all that much light thanks to the elevated 7 train thundering overhead, owner Jimmy O’Sullivan’s created an airy oasis of calm amid the hustle and bustle of a neighborhood constantly on the go. We’re even charmed by the aesthetic appeal of the very cups, dishes, etc. your food and drink are served in. What can we say, but please check this place out, you’ll be glad that you did.



22-26 31st Street

(718) 726-7700

The Panagiotopolous Family started in the ice cream business at this location (hence, the name), but at their patrons’ request began to offer a wider variety of menu items – burgers, sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, etc. And, folks, we are so very glad that they did! One of the brightest and most charming cafes you may ever encounter, pancakes and waffles are among the things they do the very best of here, as well as their challah bread French Toast. Fluffy, golden brown, buttery, syrupy – it just doesn’t get any better than this, people. We’re also big fans of their Breakfast Burrito or Breakfast Wrap (and those waffle-cut fries), especially for hot-to-trot Astorians on the go. To top it all off, the coffee is quite good here, too – lattes, cappuccinos, etc. – and always served with a smile. Eight years now and going strong definitely says a lot for the considerable appeal of this neighborhood favorite.



318 Graham Avenue

(718) 384-8668

GARDEN GRILL is one of the top-notch diner/coffee shop experiences in our area. Not only do they offer a number of reasonably priced potato ’n’ egg breakfast combinations (with some truly noteworthy home fries!), but in our humble opinion, not too many do breakfast meats better – moist, not too dry, strips of thick bacon; and some of the juiciest, plumpest sausage around. But it’s really the service here that makes the place so very special. Stop in even just a few times, and that familiar face who’s always so attentive to refilling your coffee might even know your name by now. Hey, even if you’re just stopping by up front for a coffee and a cruller, we’ve no doubt you’ll be so pleased you’ll linger longer next time. Yes, father and son Chris and Gus Karasakalides sure do have a lot to be proud of here.



69-67 Grand Avenue

(718) 478-4674

There’s a distinct energy to FAME in the mornings, a “hustle and bustle” if you will, that lets you know that you are in one of the neighborhood’s premiere gathering places. Quick and reliable service from waitresses who know you by name at this point is the hallmark of this establishment, not to mention a great cup of coffee and a wide variety of egg dishes and omelettes. We’re also really fond of their Corned Beef Hash and their Irish Breakfast, as well. Your food always comes piping hot, which not everyone this popular is able to pull off. Best thing about FAME, though? It’s so reasonably priced, we’re sure you’ll be a regular before you know it.

Middle Village


64-66 Dry Harbor Road

(718) 894-6307

Anthony Saieva’s been a Yankee hater all his life (all thirteen years of it, anyway), which is probably why during this long winter, he’s going to need to fortify himself with more than a few of the very distinct creation he concocted for mom Louise at MATSON’S DELI in Middle Village. The “Anthony Wrap” is a perfect blend of three eggs, pastrami, and pepper jack cheese – with just a dash of ketchup to take the edge off the pastrami – and is absolutely one of our favorite pick-me-ups in the morning. Top that off with one of the best cups of coffee you’re going to find anywhere, and that makes MATSON’S DELI just about the perfect place to pop in and grab something in the morning before you trundle out again for your long and busy day.

Rego Park


63-56 Woodhaven Boulevard

(718) 507-0839

Whether you’re “Guy The Writer,” “Wally B.S.” or any of the cops, firefighters, doctors, lawyers, etc. who might stop in here, everybody who visits ADAM’S BAGEL & DELI gets called “Boss” – but with a tremendous sense of affection and respect. It’s a great place to come for quick and great service, and their bagels – proudly on display right before your eyes the moment you enter – are always fresh. The other thing, they really know how to melt butter here, and any toasted, buttered bagel – Salt, Onion, Everything – always puts a particularly sunny smile on our face. It should be pointed out that ADAM’S BAGEL & DELI is open 24 hours, and while some of their other breakfast offerings (like the Big Bite on a Roll!) are pretty great, so too are their heroes and paninis like “The God Father,” or their “Here’s The Beef.” Not only that, but it’s also the perfect place to pick up a newspaper while you’re waiting!



62-04 68th Avenue

(718) 386-1988


Regular readers of these pages know what big fans we are of MIKE & MARIA’S sandwiches, and breakfast-time is no different. Our two favorite things about the place in the morning – their rolls, and their expertise in melted cheese (a “BEST OF THE BEST” staple!) Whether it’s the M train you’re headed to, or maybe the Q-58 or the B-13, you’d do well to stop in here first and grab a Bacon, Egg and Cheese, or a Ham, Egg, and Cheese on a roll, because considering how little money you’re going to spend on it, you’re going to get a whole lot of satisfaction for it. Which is really how every day ought to begin, no?

Long Island City


49-09 Northern Boulevard

(718) 626-8857

Remember when your favorite diner was shaped like a railroad car? You probably thought there weren’t any more of those around. Well, get yourself over to Northern Boulevard then, a stone’s throw from BEST BUY, and check this one out for yourself. Besides incredible ambience – booths on the left, counter on the right – you’ve got some of the best potato ‘n’ egg breakfast dishes in Queens here (and so reasonably priced!) as well as some fantastic pancakes and waffles that are sure to make you a regular. But our favorite thing about the place really is the way patrons are greeted upon arrival and welcomed as if they’ve just entered your home. Now, there’s something you don’t see too much of anymore. And you know what, it makes a difference!



247 Bedford Avenue

(718) 218-7244

Well, this is absolutely the largest bagel emporium we ever did see, what with its expansive seating area, and huge cathedral-style two story windows looking out onto Bedford and North 3rd. But more importantly, this is an establishment which prides itself on even bigger flavors. The bagels are top-notch, chewy, doughy, tasty, but it’s the spreads where they excel here: Pumpkin cream cheese, Cake Batter cream cheese, Cannoli cream cheese, in fact, more than you can even take in at first glance. And then there’s this unforgettable creation – their French Toast Bagel, which is best enjoyed with, yep, butter and syrup. Our favorite thing about the BAGEL STORE, though? The way the congenial woman at the cash register tells each and every patron, “Enjoy your bagel, have a nice day!” Hey, every little bit helps, right?

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