State of development

Dear Editor,

A proposed accessory dwelling units (ADU) bill in the State Legislature would allow at least one extra housing unit on a property already containing a home, regardless of current zoning.

This would effectively end the existence of one-family and other low-density districts in our state and city. It would encourage multifamily housing in all areas, again regardless of current zoning.

The aim is to create more affordable housing. However, there is no reason why these units would not go for market-rate prices, out of the range of most people seeking truly affordable housing.

And forget infrastructure issues in our already crowded communities. These factors are not considered.

Another state proposal is looming on the horizon is transit-oriented development. It would allow increased development within a half-mile of railroad stations along Amtrak, Metro North and the LIRR.

That would include a large swath of Northeast Queens around the Broadway, Auburndale, Bayside, Douglaston, and Little Neck stations. Current zoning laws would be ignored to encourage residential development, including multi-family housing.

Any plan for transit-oriented development must be developed and approved by local officials, community boards, and the public, not bureaucrats and others who are unfamiliar with the area or the wishes of local residents.

Please contact your state legislators and other elected officials to express your opinions on these proposals. If they pass, our communities would change forever, and not in a positive way or for the benefit of those seeking real affordable housing.


Henry Euler

First Vice President

Auburndale Improvement Association

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