Opinion: Keep your eyes on the prize, Mr. Adams

Earlier this month, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams went to Washington to talk gun safety with President Joe Biden. He also made appearances with disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York Senator Kristen Gillibrand, two politicians who the current Borough President would work closely with if elected mayor.

However, Eric Adams has not yet been elected mayor. Although registered Democrats in New York City outnumber Republicans five to one, the former police captain must win a general election in the fall.

His opponent, Guardian Angels founder and red-beret aficionado Curtis Sliwa, is still actively on the campaign trail, visiting neighborhoods throughout New York City’s outer boroughs. This past week, he visited Middle Village for a press conference following the violent assault of an off-duty Firefighter in Juniper Park.

It is true that Adams is far-and-away the favorite in the general election. However, if he wants to play the role of Mayor already, he must start by fulfilling the duties of a mayor. When there is violence in our communities, Adams should be there. When there are concerns about public safety, Adams should be there. When people have questions of concerns, big or small, Adams should be there.

If Adams wins this fall, it would be a waste to have severed his relationships with communities that could use an ally in Gracie Mansion. The people of Queens and Brooklyn have long memories, and Adams’ absence following events like those in Juniper Park will not soon be forgotten.

Policy aside, if you want to be mayor, you have to act like mayor. Instead of “Mr. Adams goes to Washington,” the headline should read “Mr. Adams heads to Queens.”

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