Important info on closing costs when selling a home. Jim Turano

So besides hearing from a sales agent how much commission, or length of time for them to get the exclusive from you, do they explain your closing costs to you?

From 42 years ago until today, I always explain to the seller the closing costs involved when selling a home.

And I always mention it takes 60-90 days to sell a home that is properly priced to begin with. Anyone asking for 6 months contract to sell your home is not in your best interest.

Closing Costs are Tax deductible.

Lions share of closing costs is first the Commission

Next is City Tax, State Transfer Tax, and your attorney fee.

Selling a home for about $850,000, your closing costs is approximately $39,000 dollars leaving you a net of

$811,000 dollars.

I explain everything to sellers, so their not shocked at the closing table. I earned my reputation and am a hands on Broker.

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