Holden gets our nod in 30th

Robert Holden has held a City Council seat representing Maspeth, Middle Village, Glendale, and parts of Ridgewood and Woodhaven for three years.
A lifelong civic leader, few will argue that his hard work and determination to protect the neighborhood (at all costs) has two byproducts: a persona that vilifies enemies quickly and strong love/hate feelings toward him.
Holden, the Republican-turned-Democrat, who, if he does not win in the Democratic Primary will be given the Republican line in November’s general election, is one of the handful of moderates in the city council that holds others accountable.
We know that when the city looks at his neighborhood, they think twice before ignoring its need. We know that when a constituent is in trouble, his office has consistently given attention to the matter.
You would be surprised at the phone calls we get in other districts from people who claim they don’t get a response from their council person.
An endorsement for Holden is an easy nod for us.
Juan Padilla is a Maspeth resident we profiled in our newspaper earlier this year. His passion for a progressive agenda jumps off the page, and we see him as a formidable candidate in the near future. But at this time, Holden has just done too much positive work and is more in touch with the community.
His constituents especially like how accessible he is. We agree, and say he deserves another term in office.

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