Blood in the water

Dear Editor,
As Governor Andrew Cuomo enters the twilight of his political career, he has three options. The first is to resign and hope in coming years he can rehabilitate his image and career.
The second is continue to fight the inevitable impeachment by the state legislature.
The third is cling to the office and run in the June 2022 Democratic Primary for a fourth term.
Most of his former friends, be they other office holders, party leaders, major campaign contributors or union supporters have abandoned ship. A campaign war chest of $16 million will not buy him another term. Cuomo fatigue has taken root.
While he decides what to do, he will have less time to deal with other ongoing issues facing New Yorkers.
Should Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul become governor, she will likely be preoccupied with winning the June 2022 Democratic Primary to run for a full four-year term.
And being attached at the political hip to Cuomo may adversely impact her ability to win any cooperation from the state legislature.
The political sharks have already begun circling the political carcass of Cuomo, and many are now considering their own run for Governor.
Larry Penner
Great Neck

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