An admission of guilt proves others should be compensated

A story to be told

Residents on 74 street off the park, had to endure construction

For two long years. The company has done many other projects in and around the area as well.

Breaking up the streets to place new sewer lines caused much inconvenience to residents.

And with heavy huge equipment, the pounding to break up the streets was loud, dusty and

Damaging to many homeowners.

But they kept assuring residents don’t worry we have Travelers Insurance to compensate for any damages caused to your stoops and homes.

Ergo, whether you had a hair line crack on your stoop to begin with and now you need a complete new stoop, you weren’t worried

Stoops were destroyed literally.

The pounding of the large Crane shook the homes for hours and days.

However, they finally finished the project last December 2020.

But wait it isn’t over for the many residents who filed claims repeatedly and were denied by Travelers.

Yet here is an admission of guilt by Travelers by paying three residents out of about 20 residents.

According to a retired Judge, admission to pay three residents is also admitting guilt of damages and by not paying the others who suffered the same consequences is not justified.

Either you don’t pay anyone or you must pay everyone.

What kind of judgement call was made by the reps of Travelers, Joseph Barretta and his boss John Petroski to individually select only three residents out of the entire group of residents.

SenTor Addabbo and City councilman Holden trying to help these residents but coming up against a brick wall.

Let’s put this simple for all to understand.

If twenty individuals were involved in a bus crash, whether any individual had a minor ore- existing condition or not, all passengers must be compensated for the damages. Not just three out of twenty individuals.

Learn from this if a project begins on your block in the future.

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