Attack vs. Protest

Dear Editor,
In response to Larry Penner’s “Two kinds of riots” dispatch on July 22, does Mr. Penner deny that the January 6th violent attack on our elected leaders, Vice President Michael Pence, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the Capitol police who courageously tried to defend them, although outnumbered against a violent armed organized mob needs a laser-focused investigation?
Comparing the attack on Congress, which was in the process of certifying the presidential election results certified by state officials, to the demonstrations following the murder of George Floyd in May of last year is not valid. It is a ploy to deflect attention from what happened on January 6.
Mr. Penner is engaging in “whataboutism.” He wishes to change the subject, conflating the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and the January 6th Capitol riot. This is a tired repetition of a weak line of counterattack.
If democracy survives, it will be because we have nothing to fear when it comes to uncovering the facts about the January 6th riots.
Janet James