No coverage

Dear Editor,
I found it disgraceful that the funeral for fallen police officer Anastasios Tsakos on May 4 was not carried live on any network station.
I called all the metropolitan networks, and the only channel that would even discuss this blatant disrespect was a woman from Channel 5, who agreed with me, but said those decisions are made above her. I thanked her for at least listening to me.
Channel 11 actually hung up on me twice when I asked why the service wasn’t being televised. Channel 4 and 7 advised it was on their website, but were unable to answer how the large segment of their audience without the ability to access the web could watch.
Channel 7 also told me they don’t usually televise funerals, but again were unable to provide an answer when I told them the George Floyd memorial and funeral were carried live by them.
I guess to them he was just another cop, but he wasn’t just that to his family, friends, fellow NYPD officers and the countless citizens he assisted during his career.
It’s time for the media to be held accountable for their lack of regard and concern for the brave men and women of law enforcement, who are the first ones they call when they need help. May God continue to bless and look after the members of all law enforcement departments.
Ray Schick