Illegal burden

Dear Editor,
The flood of illegal immigrants coming here from our southern border bring the risk of COVID and places an unfair burden on our schools.
Queens are Brooklyn are among 15 counties nationwide that each took in over 1,000 children who were rounded up illegally crossing the border and brought here on secret flights landing in darkness at WestChester Airport in a clandestine program run by the Department of Health & Human Services.
Many of them are unaccompanied teenagers who don’t speak English and have special needs, but are placed in the city’s burdened public schools that do not get federal funds to handle the challenge.
This creates a financial “classroom crisis” for New York City schools that already cost taxpayers over $28,000 a year per student.
Law enforcement authorities worry that unaccompanied minors are prime recruiting targets for MS-13 and other violent street gangs. Why don’t our elected officials protest this program and try to stop its harmful impact?
If they fail to stand up for their constituents now, we should not re-elect them.
Richard Reif
Kew Gardens Hills

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