Greenpoint Ferry closed till next summer

Greenpointers hoping to commute by boat should not expect to be doing so anytime soon.
The Greenpoint Ferry Stop on the India Street Pier will remain closed until June of 2022. The landing is jointly managed by the New York Economic Development Corporation, which oversees the NYC Ferry System, and private development company Lendlease.
It has been closed due to a mechanical issue since May 23.
“Lendlease is committed to bringing the ferry back as safely and sustainably as possible,” said development director Isaac Henderson.
In a statement, Henderson explains that the long delay is primarily due to the long permitting process for in-water construction.
Additionally, the Department of Environmental Conservation issued a pandemic moratorium on in-water construction until May of 2022, which prevents repairs from starting any sooner.
Once the permitting process and moratorium are complete, Lendlease hopes to make all the necessary repairs within a month.
Although the landing has been closed for months, there is yet to be an official statement on the cause of the mechanical issues.
Since the closure, the MTA has set up a free shuttle bus between Greenpoint and Hunters Point South. The bus route roughly mimics that of the ferry and runs every 40 minutes in both directions.

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