Removing Tom

Dear Editor
The weak argument for the removal of Thomas Jefferson’s statue from City Hall is that he was a slave owner. The argument is based on the moralities of these present times.
Examining the moralities of people who lived hundreds of years ago by today’s standards is ridiculous.
Up to the 1800s, slavery was acceptable all over the world. In colonial America, anyone who was successful had a slave. Saves were expensive to buy and expensive to keep, as they had to keep their investment fed and healthy.
So if people want to destroy our forefathers for the morals of today, they will have to destroy the majority of all early Americans.
We have Thomas Jefferson to thank for so much. Many books have been written about him, and I would hope the ignorant people that want to remove his statue read them.
I believe the real reason for removing Jefferson’s statue is not slavery, but because he believed in individual freedom and small government, as well as the responsibility that goes with those freedoms.
The de Blasio administration is full of Communists who want to dismantle the founding fathers and our constitution in order to transform us
John Procida