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The Queens Ledger Featured & Award winning civil and business litigation lawyer in NYC  (Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx & Staten Island). This law firm has decades of experience dealing with business, breach of contract, partnership, commercial, shareholder, real estate & all civil other disputes. They have been featured due to their high ratings for customer service, experience, price & testimonials.  Contact them at: R.A. Civil & Business Litigation Law NYC 73-19 172nd street Fresh Meadows, NY 11366 (718) 206-1035

In today’s world of business, corporations and companies, many conflicts and disputes arise between partners or shareholders. Such clashes between two or more parties as a result of failure in fulfillment of agreement, the matter is usually taken to court that begins the litigation process.

Civil litigation covers a wide range of cases. The most common one is breach of contract which is basically what we call when one party violates its end of agreement. Such conflict stimulates the other part to initiate legal action to claim their right.

Fraud/deceptive trade is another type of civil litigation cases. In such practice business may not have been completely honest. There might be a misrepresentation by a business entity. Moreover, employment dispute is also a class of civil litigation. There can be a conflict between employer and employee on matters like health care, overtime etc.

Personal injury or torts is also one of cases included in civil litigation in which the victim has the right to sue the owner for neglecting the defects in his property that can result in serious injury. One such example is slip and fall case. The person injured can file a lawsuit and claim money by providing legit evidence.

Disputes or rows arising out of family relationships is another type of civil litigation which includes family and divorce law cases. Domestic abuse, divorce, separation and child custody are some of the issues that people bring to the court.

Landlord and tenant dispute is another most common case that makes its way into the court through civil litigation. Real estate issues in which parties fail to comply with the agreements also end up in front of the judge as civil litigation case.     

Civil lawsuits are complicated and you should not expect it to be an easy and simple task. It begins with a complaint, accompanied by summons and several trials. You might have to do more documentation than you perceived. You will not only have to present evidence but will need to make it legit and convincing for it to come out in your favor. Depending on the type of your case and situation the complication level can vary. The court proceedings may last from few weeks to several months and this can be really hectic to go through trials and hearings again and again specially when you are already caught up in life. Being a witness can also cost your time and money since you’ll be called upon any time the court wants to see you. All of the steps in civil lawsuit including pleadings, discovery, trial and appeal has its own demand of input and effort in order to make it work for you. Filing a complaint might be easy but the court processes may not be as much easier. Your attorney can, however, make it less complicated for you because he works for you and it’s his job to make you feel less chaotic and make you oriented in a right way.

For a couple to split up and have to deal with all the con’s of that break-up is very hard. The divorce attorneys at our firm have what it takes to have all your legal requirements regarding matrimonial law met. Our corporate office information is: Aronov Esq Contested Divorce Lawyer 98-14 Queens Boulevard Rego Park, NY 11374 (718)

Reviews From Around The Internet:

“Robert Aronov is a knowledgeable divorce lawyer who will be there for you no matter what. He listens to all your needs and concerns, which makes him an excellent choice. I would recommend Robert Aronov to anyone looking for help in divorce case!” – Henry Adams – Queens, NY (Source: Google).

“When you have a case of custody on hand it is extremely imperative to load the boat with honest , knowledgeable , and hard working sincere people. Hiring a lawyer plays a very large role in the process. Robert Aronov and Associates were amazing. They helped at every step through the process. They would get back to emails and calls within minutes. They met my expectations to the fullest and even exceeded them. Robert Aronov and his team were great and I strongly recommend them!” – Barry Harrison – Queens, NY (Source: Google).



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