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Intestacy Will Laws in New York State & City Simplified:

An inestate is a person who dies with out a will. This is a sad reality but one that needs to be dealt with in a professional manner by an experienced estate attorney. New York’s laws of intestacy dictate the process known as estate administration which will ultimately decide where a persons assets will go if they died without a will. The Queens Ledger is extremely proud to bring our readers the most informative legal article about this issue. Read Roman Aminov’s Intestacy Laws: Dying Without a Will in NY publication now on the official Law Offices Of Roman Aminov website and do not allow yourself to be in the dark regarding these important legal matters.

Small Estates & Voluntary Administration in NY For Dummies:

After someone dies the assets their loved ones are waiting for will only arrive after a probate or estate administration hearing. Believe it or not, there are actually instances in which the value of the inheritance is so small that it’s not worth  bringing it to a proceeding. The good news is that New York has a special “small estate” or “voluntary administration” process to help people in this situation. Article 13 of the SCPA clarifies eligibility requirements for this small estate process. The Queens Ledger invites you to read this extremely informative article from the Law Offices Of Roman Aminov; Voluntary Administration, SCPA & Small Estates Simplified which will clarify everything you need to know about the benefits & eligibility involved in this special New York based legal process. The Law Offices Of Roman Aminov are located in New York City and can help you with any legal matters pertaining to estate and probate.

Probating With Preliminary Letters Testamentary in New York Courts

Probate is a lengthy and tedious process that can take many months. If you inherited a loved one you will have to wait until your appointment by the Surrogate’s court to claim the assets. Once the Letters Testamentary is issued you are in the clear. The problem is that receiving the letters from the executor can take months and who will be responsible for the taxes and upkeep of the property and assets of the inheritors? The Queens Ledger understands this is a serious legal issue and proudly invites you to get the answers you need by reading Roman Aminov’s Preliminary Letters Testamentary in NY Probate Court publication. We assure you that after reading this article and speaking with Roman every legal question you have regarding this matter will be crystal clear.
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