Police release photo of St. Michael’s vandalism suspect

Police have released surveillance photos of the man wanted for vandalizing a statue in front of St. Michael’s Church in Flushing last month. On August 17 at 3:30 a.m., the suspect jumped over fence around the church at 138-65 Barclay Avenue and damaged the religious icon.

Danielle Douglas, Inspire Enterprise

Danielle Douglas is the CEO of Inspire Enterprise, helping business owners adapt to new obstacles they may face.
Inspire Enterprise is a boutique business advisory firm that focuses on building the capacity of businesses owned by minority women to not just sustain, but also grow.
“I see myself as an advocate,” said Douglas. “About one to two percent of Black-owned businesses are actually awarded those contract opportunities that can be a leverage tool for business owners to grow and begin to create lasting, sustainable businesses.”
One success story that Douglas noted is Dawn Kelly of the Nourish Spot in Jamaica. Kelly participated in the StreetWise MBA Amplify Queens Program, a seven-month capacity-building program for small business owners in the Southeast Queens community.
“She took everything she could get out of that program and she applied it to her business,” said Douglas. “And now, Dawn just got a phenomenal contract.”
Douglas also founded the nonprofit organization Council for Black Business Enterprises, which works with major stakeholders to increase the number of black-owned businesses getting procurement contracts in the government and private sector.
Douglas also hosts the Black Business Owners Forum annually to help Black business owners learn the importance of adaptability.
“The principles are the same, which is to connect business owners to information that they can apply to their business immediately,” said Douglas. “To resources, as well, that they can use in a very practical way, and networking opportunities so attendees can establish strong relationships with business and government representatives.”

The Black Business Owners Forum is on October 14. To register, visit

Haves & Have-Nots

Dear Editor,
Congestion pricing is a tale of the “haves” and “have-nots.”
The “haves” are people who have the money to pay $13 a day to go downtown and do whatever they want.
Most government offices are downtown. Our politicians get a free ride with their EZ Pass and pass the cost onto us. MTA board members of the MTA and FDNY and NYPD officials have free EZ Passes.
These people can use their EZ Passes to go to Broadway plays, hospitals that are downtown, enjoy a meal in Little Italy or Chinatown and get to the Lincoln and Holland tunnels for free. And they do not even have to think about paying the $13 to do it.
What about the rest of us New Yorkers who do not have the means? We are forced to take the subways. Will the fares on the buses and subway go up just as the “have-nots” are forced to use them to get to our jobs downtown?
The “have-nots” are working-class stiffs who cannot afford $13 a day to drive downtown. We will to forced to take the filthy and delayed subways with the homeless.
When the tunnels are under water, the working-class stiffs will have to sit there and wait, while the “haves” are driving in a car.
This is just another tax on the working class. Do not let this happen.
Kathleen Schatz
Rego Park

Diner demise

Dear Editor
Regarding Larry Penner’s dispatch last week on the demise of the city’s diners, the Bel Aire Diner in Astoria is still open, and where Nevada was, that’s where Georgia Diner moved to.
I miss Shalimar though, but Georgia Diner has good food.
Sherri Rosen
Forest Hills

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