Reducing costs
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Dear Editor,

Regarding Ed Konecnik’s recent Dispatch (“Capitalism, Inc.”), the "freedom for individuals to own capital and capital goods and to manage economic resources however they see fit" would not just lead to enough economic growth to offset "materialism, social inequality and economic instability"

By steadily reducing the costs of essential goods, it would be the most effective way to combat such ills in the current economy and would sharply reduce the extremes of "economic inequality."

Back in the 19th century, Frederic Bastiat foresaw the "progressively increasing communal domain, which develops providentially in any social order that is guided by the principles of liberty. Its manifest destiny is to lead all men, as brothers, from their state of original equality, the equality of privation, want, and ignorance, toward ultimate equality in the possession of prosperity and truth."

And Henry George maintained, "Well may the community leave to the individual producer all that prompts him to exertion; well may it let the laborer have the full reward of his labor, and the capitalist the full return of his capital. For the more that labor and capital produce, the greater grows the common wealth in which all may share."


Joel Schlosberg

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