It pays to hire the Best! Real Estate Broker-Jim Turano
by godfather
 It pays to hire the best!
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Interview with Jim Turano, Broker of Diverse Real Estate in Middle Village, and Mike Saab Buisness owner in the Community.  “As a business owner, and owner of several properties in and around the community, I myself and my family have used the services of Jim Turano, Broker, for the past 20 years. What Jim brings to the table in comparison to any other agent or Brokers is his 38 years of experience.   It is priceless.  Let me digress for a minute, and just mention the last transaction I did with Jim Turano.

When I wanted to sell my commercial building on Metropolitan Avenue, Jim Turano did a Market analysis of the building. Using recent past sales, explaining the current multiples being used by buyers regarding income, he gave an opinion of what the building was worth. Here is where owners of properties can get a very accurate figure of what their building is worth. The average agent or Broker has not the credentials that Jim Turano has in the field of actual experiences. Jim Turano has completed over 3,000 written appraisals to date, has assisted in the past Maspeth Federal bank and Cross County banks in appraising and bringing over $30 million in loans over the years to these banks.

Jim Turano’s current Market Value of the building is very accurate. And if a buyers has to attain a mortgage there will be no problems after you sell and when a Bank appraiser comes to appraise your building. Jim knows his Real Estate like the back of his hand.  Jim has told me that more than 30% of sellers disagree on the price he comes up with, always wanting above and beyond market value. They also want a Broker that they can dictate to, set the commission, and never want to sign any agreement before beginning selling the property. Jim refers to these types of Brokers/Agents as yes men.  No backbone, no experience and eventually not being able to sell the property for the next 9-12 months.

There are plenty of incapable agents and brokers out there that owners  can find by the dozens. But the difference with Jim Turano is more than just setting a Price to sell. His experience has taught him to check prior to listing a property for Violations, checking the C of O, checking the survey map the owner has and then checking out the building to see if any illegal extensions were added on since the owner bought the property and see if there any tax liens on the properties.

So in my case, I had a minor C of O problem and minor violation. So Jim suggested an Architect and an Expediter to start working on the problems at hand. Had I not listened to Jim the deal could have taken 1 year before the closing took place. It pays to hire the best. It also is in the owner’s best interest to have a written agreement and show the Broker that they have the confidence in him by authorizing such an agreement.  Although owners prices in mind may not be realistic at times, they should have an open mind of what to expect. If a property is overpriced it will be on the market almost 1 year. In addition it will be known as the overpriced property in the entire community.

So in conclusion, property owners, hire the best, be realistic in what to expect with offers, but also know that you are working with and hired one of the best in the business. You want a Yes Broker or a Broker who is an expert in the field of Real Estate.

**Again I highly recommend Jim Turano-Broker of  Diverse Real Estate, 1-347-837-9206. A call you will be glad you made.

A special thank you to both businessmen of the community.

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April 12, 2018
I have used Jim Turano services for the past 30 years in all my Real Estate Transactions. He works with you and he is on top of everything. Many know me in the Community. Leonard Christopher.