Hospital Ship COMFORT heading to Puerto Rico
by jimmyturano
 Hospital Ship COMFORT heading to Puerto Rico
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Call me crazy. After what I have seen in Vietnam, situations like this makes me wish I could go and spend the next two years there to help in any way.

I do not have the resources, and am limited in other ways, but my first instinct is to go and help. It is different for me compared to others. Seeing children starving, or with one leg or arm, having no houses to live in, no bathrooms, makes you try to comprehend how in this day and age how can people be living that way.

So I did what I could for the people, in such small ways, to help them in the Village in Vietnam where I was. When I see things like this now, it makes me sad. I with many others couldn't understand why help was taking so long. I have been wishing for the Hospital ship to go there, and after 5 days now it is on its way.

I have seen what they have done in Africa, and other places on TV documentaries. I haven't felt so helpless since 911 happened. But we are all different. This grabs my heart, and others feel compassion, yet some careless. But I pray for the people, and the children each day. The people are in shock right now, and they are frightened to the point of hopelessness. Now that Our general and troops are there, as word spreads, as supplies are given out, especially with the Hospital Ship arriving, the word HOPE goes back in their minds. For without HOPE there is no life. With HOPE there is a tomorrow. God Bless all those people.

The people of Puerto Rico, and our troops, volunteers, our experienced General and lastly the hospital ship with its dedicated staff on board.

My feelings at this time...................................JIM TURANO SEPTEMBER 30, 2017

Hospital Ship Comfort Deploys to Puerto Rico

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